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Here is a list of top 10 business coach of 2024!


Saurabh Kaushik

Saurabh Kaushik is distinguished as one of India's premier business coaches, celebrated for his unparalleled ability to mentor a diverse range of clients, from seasoned business magnates and industrialists to high-profile celebrity entrepreneurs and unicorn companies. His innovative blend of business acumen and life coaching, tailored through bespoke, one-on-one sessions, is proven to exponentially amplify business growth, achieving up to 100X scale. Over the past decade and a half, Saurabh has cultivated a reputation for providing insightful, strategic guidance, earning the respect and commitment of industry leaders, including those at the helm of Fortune 500 companies, as well as respected industrialists and a plethora of renowned entrepreneurs. Saurabh's client list, a closely guarded secret due to his commitment to confidentiality, includes a prestigious roster of billionaires and millionaires across various industries, notably encompassing Real Estate, Textiles, Technology, Manufacturing, and beyond.


Vivek Bindra

Dr. Vivek Bindra is a thought leader, a motivational speaker, leadership trainer and founder badabusiness. He specializes in spiriting and empowering people to realize their true potential. As a keynote speaker, millions of people have benefitted from his energetic workshops worldwide. He is a trusted advisor for over 1500+ corporates and a pathfinder to various entrepreneurs and other top notch business entities. He has also been an Inspirational Pathfinder to various high-profile entrepreneurs and other top notch business entities providing Leadership excellence for taking their organizations to the next level.



Ujjwal Patni

Dr Ujjwal Patni also makes it under best business coach in India list for 2021. He is an international trainer, celebrated motivational author and top business coach. He had inspired and motivated more than one million people throughout the globe by his free motivational videos on life and business in The Ujjwal Patni Show. This show is released on Ujjwal Patni YouTube channel, Facebook page, Ujjwal Patni mobile app and WhatsApp. Dr Patni is the only motivational speaker from India who has led 3 Guinness World Records. Ujjwal Patni YouTube channel has been awarded with prestigious Gold Creator Award by YouTube. He has been felicitated with more than 15 awards nationally and internationally.


Rahul Jain

He is the founder of Business Coaching India which was conceptualised and started in 2004, He specialises in coaching business owners, in the SME space to Scale up their business to the next level. These business owners are running business in various verticals like Manufacturing, Software, Hospitality, Distribution, Biotechnology, Travel & Tourism, Consulting, Fashion, Import & Exports, Retail, Event Management and other Service Providers.


Shyam Taneja

Shyam Taneja is respected, admired and loved as Guru and under the best business coach in India list 2021. In his 40 years of working with corporates and SMEs he has been instrumental in transforming lives and businesses. Known for his tough love approach he is relentless in pushing boundaries, maximizing potential, catalysing exponential growth and nurturing personal leadership.


Sridhar Laxman

Sridhar is a Professional Certified Coach with International Coach Federation, a graduate of International Coach Academy, Certified Deep Transformational Coach from the Center for Transformational Coaching and Certified in Hogan Personality Assessments. He also currently pursuing a course in Foundations of Positive Psychology Specialization by Dr Martin Seligman and the University of Pennsylvania. It’s my passion to coach people to their immense potential, I help corporate leaders, individuals and business owners in their journey towards being highly effective, productive and successful.


Rajiv Talreja

Rajiv is India’s Leading Business Coach and is the author of the International Bestseller and Amazon Bestseller book titled — “Lead or Bleed” — How entrepreneurs and corporate leaders can stop fire-fighting and start accelerating performance and profits.” He has been a serial entrepreneur and a business coach for over a decade and is well known for the exponential business growth he has created. Over the last decade, Rajiv has impacted over 500,000 people through his Business Coaching and Engagements programs across 150 corporate organizations and to over 5000 business owners across 5 countries.


Prof. Parag Shah

As a Chief Strategist and founder MIDAS entrepreneurship institution, Prof. Parag Shah has a distinguished leadership style his hybrid coaching method not just apt for the business, but also the entrepreneurs. His works on the entrepreneurs’ ability and intrinsic talents to create the best entrepreneurs for our country in his institution. He has successful mentored and coached SME and corporate owners, charting their way from a small time business to creating a visionary entrepreneurs.


Vikram Dhar 

Vikram is an International Coach Federation (ICF) Mentor Coach. He has attended courses with World’s top Leadership and Executive Coaches -Marshall Goldsmith, and John Mattone. He is personally trained, mentored and certified by John Mattone (Former coach of late Steve Jobs) as Intelligent Leadership Executive Coach, and Leadership assessor using Leadership Inventory assessment tool. He is aLicensed Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Coach,certified by Dr Richard Bandler Co-founder of NLP.


Vandana Shah

She is also the first woman to attain a license as a Group Coach from an International institute. She has been working for more than 250+ clients mainly the CEOs, CXOs, and leadership teams. She is known to be best in resolving various concerns like increasing productivity, improving business relationships, promoting innovation, and much more. Chrysalis has also partnered companies and collaboration in the USA and Western Europe and has clients in more than 10 countries. She also learned the human brain and behavioral neuroscience which gives her an upper edge in understanding the client’s nature and requirements. She has this high experience in enabling self-discovery, accelerating growth in individuals, and eliminating confusion.

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