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3 Habits To Let Go This Year And Why

As we step afoot into this new month, let’s reflect on what has been working for us and what we can let go. Here are three habits you can let go as of today:

1. Excessive Budgeting

Having a scarcity mindset will not bring you abundance. Budgeting is good — being aware of your expenses allows you to make smarter decisions. Monitor your spending, but let go of excessive budgeting. Unnecessary skimping isn’t the best way to attract abundance.

2. Chasing Security

All the things you believe are permanent — even that job you have today, can all be gone within a second. Security doesn’t mean anything. So why chase it? Do that risky thing you want to do. Let your heart decide and let your mind lead the way.

3. Fearing Uncertainty

Uncertainty comes with taking big leaps. When you try something knew, you’re going to be uncertain of the outcome. The only way to overcome that is by doing it. Fear not progressing.


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