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3 Steps for Business Growth Strategy 2023

As an entrepreneur, your success depends on how effective your sales and

marketing is at producing revenue.

3 Steps Business Growth Strategy

Here are the 3 Steps for Business Growth Strategy:

1. Sales Trumps All.

3 Steps for Business Growth Strategy 2023

The number one solution to any business problem is sales. If your sales are up the roof, you have the money to solve every other business problem. With the cash flow that your sales bring in, there is no team you cannot hire, no system you cannot set up. Sales can overcome all of your business hurdles.

‘To be a truly effective entrepreneur, you must become your business’s

number one expert at selling.’ As a business owner, you are not in the business of making your product or service; you are in the business of selling your product or service. Therefore, most of your time should go into the sales-related activities of your business, the ones that bring in revenue.

2. The 80/20 Rule to Time, Money and Efforts

3 Steps for Business Growth Strategy 2023

Along with all the other business activities, Pareto's principle applies to the selling activities as well. 80% of your time should go towards the revenue- producing activities and only 20% towards other management activities. If you have a team in place, you can apply the 80/20 rule again and delegate 96% of all the management activities to your team and focus only on the 4% activities that will bring in the highest amount of revenue.

Just like selling is not optional for an entrepreneur, learning to sell is an

obligation, not a choice. Every business owner must master the art of selling.

And to master this art, you must be involved in every step of the sales and

marketing process and understand the market intimately.

3. Unrivalled Work Ethic

3 Steps for Business Growth Strategy 2023

‘‘You want to make your ’why’ so big that your ‘how’ becomes easy. Your self- control is what will distinguish you from all the others.’’ Sabri Suby, the founder of King Kong who has given many marketing agencies a run for their money, was brought up by his single mother in a small beach town in Australia. Suby now runs one of Australia’s fastest-growing digital marketing agencies.

He believes that the real key to success is an unrivalled work ethic, which he

refers to as, ‘the single parent work ethic.’

His personal motto is: I don’t care how talented you are, how fortunate your

upbringing was, or even if you had a better education or opportunities than

me. You simply can’t outwork me. Ever.

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