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8 Top Secrets of Silicon Valley

Updated: Sep 17, 2019

8 best kept secrets of silicon valley entrepreneurs that every entrepreneurs should know in their journey

7 Top Secrets of Silicon Valley

“Silicon Valley has been an ecology of innovation, where research universities, entrepreneurs, investors, a talented workforce, social and professional networks, a vibrant business environment, and the quality of life; help transform ideas into new products and services.”

Things you know about Silicon Valley

An open-minded and diverse population that readily shares information, encourages experimentation, accepts failure and dispenses with formality and hierarchy is what makes Silicon Valley the successful.

1. Silicon Valley is not the end

Entrepreneurs usually thinks that getting in the valley is the epitome and the game is over now but “We’ve been makers, innovators since the first arrowhead. There’s so much to be built and discovered ahead of us. But iterating on current reality offers a limited upside. Really, there’s never been a more urgent, promising time to “Think Different.”

2. The goal can’t be the money

Design thinking begins with empathy. It focuses on process, not outcome: small steps that lead to large-scale change. If we focus on the industries or areas we know, especially if they’re underserved by innovation, and focus on the problems they’re trying to solve, we’ll create the changes that lead to the creation of value. If we focus on the creation of value, we may or may not get it. And we may lose the chance to make the right impact.

3. Problem & Solution Statements

What built the Valley - and what will build the next wave - will be grand-scale dissatisfaction with what we today call solutions: solutions to transportation problems, to environmental issues, to the way people connect, communicate, pay for things, stay healthy, and master the challenges of modern life.

4. Need more than our heads to move ahead

Empathy, creativity and intuition are equally important to be taught early in life. The traditional STEM(Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) in academics needs to be replaced with STEAM (A for Art). This exercise induces a sense of community, of being part of something bigger.

5. Fresh & New Innovation

In the valley and far beyond, the most interesting innovations are coming from people whose demographics have until now been underrepresented in tech.

Considering that the first wave of problem solvers has already done their best work. The next wave will look at problems differently. They may be closer to the problems - more directly impacted by them.

6. Think Differently

  • a) Curiosity: We’re curious. We wonder. We question. We want to know more. We like geeking out simply for the fun of geeking out, and sometimes a good idea even comes from it. Curiousity is one of the greatest gifts an innovator can have. Wanting to know how things work and how to make them work better is the mark of an innovator. Be curious. If you’re already curious, be MORE curious. The more you learn, the more you see. The more dots you can COLLECT, the more you can ultimately CONNECT.

  • Iteration: We should constantly be iterating and never be afraid to reinvent ourselves. This echoes the thinking about not chasing any other winners. There’s definitely a lot to learn from others but we should not be tethered to them.

  • Maker: We are makers, tinkerers, builders and hackers. There’s a reason the top companies in the Valley offer bike shops or print studios on campus. They know that our brains work best when we move between odalities.

  • Outliers: So much of our society urge us to conform. To silence the unique voices inside ourselves, to tell ourselves we’re the only ones who see things that way.

7. Staying Real

When you look at the Valley today, you’ll see it off on some directions that reflect its reality - not a more global one. You’ll see products, even fundings, that don’t reflect design thinking, or empathy, or even sometimes innovation. You’ll see me-toos that are in it for the money, people who aren’t curious or willing to iterate, people who think they’ve already figured things out without really feeling the problem.

Don’t be like that. Give us a glimmer of what happens when you stay real, when you focus on the things that really need to change. We could use a bit of that so that we get back to it ourselves - maybe in collaboration with you.

“We don’t want to be the next Google. We want to be the first “something.” Yes!

8. Coaches and Mentors

We understand the value of coach and mentor for entrepreneurs and their performance, we believe the efficiency of an entrepreneur is the most important thing while developing any product, services or strategic decisions. A coach can make sure the entrepreneur stay focused, ontrack and high to his excited journey.

“If there’s one thing we have in the Valley, it’s the audacity to believe we can change the world. We’ve created our own reality, and it’s one much of the planet looks to, admires.


If you’re staring at the Valley, you’ll certainly miss the best view. An ecosystem of thriving Valleys is better than one dominant one. Good luck!

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