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8 must-read books for Entrepreneurs

Updated: May 18, 2021

If you're looking for some of the best books on business to read this year, here are eight to help you get started.

Entrepreneurs and business leaders know that they need to be reading. And, yes, most of us probably should be reading more than we do. But here’s the question that we need to answer: What books to do we read? 

1. Start With Why

Great leaders inspire others by putting the Why (the purpose) before the How (the process) or the What (the product). In the book, the author uses real-world examples of great leaders to show you how they communicate and how you can adopt their mindset to inspire others.

2. How to Win Friends & Influence People

One of the first best-selling self-help books that were ever published, this book can be read by anyone but is a must for entrepreneurs.

After reading this book, you will be able to make friends quickly, get your employees to start thinking the way you do, avoid conflicts at the workplace and become a better visionary.

3. The E-Myth Revisited: Why Most Small Business Don't Work and What To Do About It 

The “E-myth” of the title, or “entrepreneurial myth,” goes like this: Someone who starts a business is probably qualified to manage and grow that business. In reality, most people who start a business don’t have a clue what they’re doing. They become frustrated. They fail.

4. Zero to One 

Peter Thiel is eminently qualified to write a book on startups. He co-founded PayPal, Palantir, Mithril Capital Management and Valar Ventures. Zero to One explains that breakthrough businesses can and should be built. A true breakthrough business doesn't just add more of the same, but builds something truly new; that’s the "zero to one" that an entrepreneur should pursue.

5. The 10x Rule 

It behooves every entrepreneur to accomplish enormous amounts of stuff. The vast majority of people don't accomplish enormous amounts of stuff. Why not? Lack of action. Cardone’s premise is that the only successful level of action is 10x -- massive action.

6. The Lean Startup 

Today, entrepreneurs have innovative ideas but often lack the tools necessary to build an enduring business. The book offers advice from someone who himself saw his startup fail, learnt from his mistakes and then went on to build a multi-million dollar enterprise.

The book will enlighten your mind about the 5 principles that are critical to the success of a startup and what makes a startup a ‘lean’ one.

7. Crushing It! How Great Entrepreneurs Build Their Business and Influence and How You Can, Too

Entrepreneur and speaker Gary Vaynerchuk's main message is that it's never too late to follow your dreams, and if you're young, you're in the prime of your life to experiment. Vaynerchuk draws from multiple entrepreneurs and businesspeople who rejected corporate life to build their own business.

8. The One Thing

The One Thing explains how entrepreneurs can dial back the busy clutter in their lives in order to focus on their business. Creating a laser-like focus on a business goal doesn’t mean denying yourself family, friends or a full life. Instead, it means articulating your vision for success and your method of attaining it. Keller draws on his own success and experience to explain exactly how to do this.

In the maelstrom of startup life, entrepreneurs should take time to read. Whether that means audiobooks on the commute to work, or the morning luxury of a book in one hand, coffee in the other, it pays to make time to enrich your mind.


Not every book is worth your time, but this select list of books will become part of your toolkit, and enable you to build a business that is worth the cost.

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