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Before You Craft Your Next Sales Message, Ask Yourself These Three Questions

Three Timeless Questions To Navigate Your Business Through Any Decision

“If you can’t find a solution, go back to the problem,” said our math professor during one of our practice tests. Often, the answer lies in the question itself, he implied. Similarly, in business, when you’re stuck, ask yourself these three questions. Chances are, you’ll find your answers somewhere in there:

Q1. Who Is Your Customer?

Do you know who your customer is? Tap into the demographics and the psychographics of your customer until you know exactly who your customer is. If you can find one person to serve, you’ve found the next one hundred.

  • Who do you want to serve? What does your ideal customer look like?

  • Can you identify them out of a crowd?

  • Do you know who isn’t your customer?

Q2. What Is Their Burning Problem?

Do you know your customers so well that you know exactly what they’re looking for? When you deep dive into your customer’s personalities, you understand the deeper emotions that lie behind those problems, and you’d be a better fit to serve them.

  • What are the core burning problems in your customer’s life?

  • What are the obstacles that keep them from overcoming these problems?

  • What are the underlying emotions associated with these problems?

Q3. How Are You Solving It?

Once you know your customer and their burning problems, understand and reassess what your role is.

  • How are you solving your customer’s problems? What is your offer?

  • What sets you apart from your competitors? Why would your customer buy from you?

As the complexity of the business increases, we tend to forget these fundamental checkpoints that are the lifeline of our business. It’s important to get these right before you take on the next height.

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