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Beyond Specialisation: Succeeding in the Changing Markets

The world is changing ever so quickly. We live in a world where the best of everything is at your fingertips. World-class is the baseline and cutting-edge is the norm.

To keep yourself on top of your game today, having in-depth knowledge of your field is a factor of requirement, not differentiation anymore. This has led to the rise of the expert generalist.

An expert generalist is someone who has a broad range of knowledge across multiple fields, but who also has deep expertise in at least one specific area. This combination of broad knowledge and deep expertise makes expert generalists uniquely positioned to succeed in the modern world, and here’s why:


When you have a solid foundation of knowledge and skills, you can apply them to new contexts. You are not tied to one way of thinking, you are open to new ideas, and more willing to take risks.


When you are able to draw from a range of experiences and knowledge from different fields, you can apply it to solve complex problems in unique ways.


Effective communication is yet another skill you adopt on the path to becoming an expert generalist. This is because you have a broad understanding of different fields, so you are able to understand the language and concepts used by specialists. This makes for an effective team player and leader and helps you to build strong relationships with others.


Experience fuels creative thinking. When you have a widespread of experiences from different areas of your life, you are able to think outside the box and come up with new and innovative ideas.

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