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Bridge The Gap Between What You Want and What The World Wants

‘Just make up your mind' is rarely easy

One of the many paradoxes existing in this world is people having all the freedom to choose, only to end up not knowing what they want. From the moment we step out into the world, we’re in a race to be free — personally, financially, and professionally. The idea of freedom can be different for everyone.

To me, freedom is to be in harmony with who you are. That comes with self—awareness. It can be different for you. And whatever your idea of freedom may be, our paths will connect to this same purpose towards the end.

Once You Find Freedom, You Can Find Balance

Once you’re free, you can truly pursue what you want. And once you’ve cared enough for yourself, you can give it to the world.

Finding a balance between what you love and what the world wants is key to living a fulfilling life. Because when you bridge this gap, you’re not just pursuing your interest but also serving the world with it.


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