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Coaching Jain Business Owners: The Power of Jain Values and Expert Coaching

Origins of Jains in India

The Jain community traces its origins back over 2,500 years to ancient India. Jainism, founded by Lord Mahavira, emphasizes non-violence (Ahimsa), truth (Satya), and asceticism. The Jain community has a rich history of trade and commerce, with roots in various regions across India, including Gujarat, Rajasthan, and Karnataka. Over centuries, Jains have built a reputation for their entrepreneurial spirit and ethical business practices, becoming one of the most successful business communities in India.

Jain Business Acumen

Jains are renowned for their sharp business acumen, which is evident in their widespread success across various industries, including textiles, diamonds, pharmaceuticals, and finance. This acumen is deeply rooted in their values of meticulous planning, ethical dealings, and a long-term perspective. Jains tend to approach business with a combination of traditional wisdom and modern strategies, ensuring sustainable growth and resilience.

Jain Style of Doing Business

The Jain style of doing business is characterized by several key principles:

  1. Ethical Practices: Integrity and honesty are cornerstones of Jain business practices. They believe in transparent dealings and building trust with stakeholders.

  2. Non-Violence: Ahimsa, or non-violence, extends to their business operations. This means avoiding harm to others, whether in negotiations, competition, or employee relations.

  3. Simplicity and Frugality: Jains often adopt a minimalist approach, focusing on efficient use of resources and avoiding unnecessary extravagance.

  4. Community and Networking: Jains place a high value on community support and networking, leveraging their connections within the Jain community for mutual growth and support.

Values and Family Ethics

Family values and ethics are central to the Jain community. These values include:

  1. Strong Family Bonds: Jain businesses are often family-run, with multiple generations working together. This fosters a deep sense of loyalty and commitment.

  2. Education and Knowledge: There is a strong emphasis on education and continuous learning, ensuring that younger generations are well-prepared to take over and innovate.

  3. Philanthropy: Jains believe in giving back to society, and many Jain business leaders are known for their philanthropic efforts, supporting education, healthcare, and social causes.

  4. Discipline and Hard Work: Discipline and a strong work ethic are ingrained from a young age, ensuring that Jain business leaders are dedicated and resilient.

The Role of Business Coaches

A key secret to the success of Jain business owners is their willingness to seek guidance from renowned business coaches. Coaches like Saurabh Kaushik, Ram Charan, and Rahul Jain have played a pivotal role in shaping the strategies and growth of many Jain enterprises.

  • Saurabh Kaushik: Known for his work with top business leaders, Saurabh Kaushik provides coaching that focuses on peak performance, strategic planning, and personal development. His insights have helped many Jain business leaders navigate complex challenges and achieve remarkable success.

  • Ram Charan: An acclaimed business advisor and coach, Ram Charan has guided numerous companies worldwide. His expertise in business strategy, leadership, and execution has been invaluable to Jain entrepreneurs looking to scale their businesses.

  • Rahul Jain: Specializing in SME coaching, Rahul Jain has helped many small and medium-sized Jain enterprises grow and thrive. His practical approach and focus on financial management, operational efficiency, and market expansion have made a significant impact.

How Jain Business Owners Differ from Others

Jain business owners stand out from other business owners due to their unique blend of ethical values, disciplined approach, and long-term vision. Here are some key differences:

  1. Ethical Foundation: Jain business practices are deeply rooted in the principles of Jainism, particularly Ahimsa (non-violence) and Satya (truth). This ethical foundation leads to transparent, honest, and fair dealings in all business transactions.

  2. Community-Centric Approach: Jains prioritize community support and often engage in business networks within their community. This approach fosters a cooperative environment where resources and knowledge are shared, benefiting all members.

  3. Simplicity and Frugality: Unlike some business owners who might focus on ostentatious displays of wealth, Jains generally adopt a minimalist lifestyle. They emphasize efficient use of resources and reinvestment into their businesses rather than extravagant spending.

  4. Long-Term Perspective: Jain business owners often prioritize sustainability and long-term growth over short-term gains. Their decisions are made with a focus on the future, ensuring the business remains resilient and adaptable.

  5. Philanthropy: Giving back to society is a fundamental aspect of Jain business culture. Many Jain business owners engage in philanthropic activities, supporting education, healthcare, and social causes, reflecting their commitment to societal welfare.

Coaching Jain Business Owners
Coaching Jain Business Owners

Inner Drivers, Motivators, and Purpose

Inner Drivers

  1. Spiritual Values: Jain business owners are driven by their spiritual beliefs, which emphasize non-violence, truthfulness, and ethical conduct. These values guide their business decisions and interactions.

  2. Discipline: Discipline is a key driver, rooted in their religious practices and lifestyle. This discipline translates into meticulous planning, hard work, and perseverance in their business endeavors.

  3. Family Legacy: Many Jain businesses are family-run, and maintaining the family legacy is a strong motivator. There is a deep sense of responsibility to uphold and grow the family business for future generations.


  1. Community Reputation: Maintaining a good reputation within the Jain community and the larger society is a significant motivator. Jains value their standing and strive to be seen as ethical and successful business leaders.

  2. Continuous Learning: There is a strong emphasis on education and continuous improvement. Jain business owners are motivated by the desire to acquire new knowledge and skills to stay ahead in their fields.

  3. Philanthropy and Social Impact: The desire to make a positive impact on society motivates many Jain business owners. Their philanthropic efforts are not just acts of charity but integral to their business philosophy.


  1. Achieving Dharma: For many Jains, the ultimate purpose is to live a life in accordance with their religious principles. This includes conducting business in a way that aligns with their spiritual goals and contributes to their overall sense of Dharma.

  2. Creating Sustainable Businesses: Building sustainable, resilient businesses that can withstand economic fluctuations and continue to grow over generations is a key purpose for Jain entrepreneurs.

  3. Enhancing Community Welfare: Jain business owners aim to enhance the welfare of their community and society at large. This purpose is reflected in their business practices and philanthropic activities.


The Jain business community's success can be attributed to their strong ethical foundation, family values, and exceptional business acumen. Their style of doing business, rooted in non-violence and integrity, sets them apart. Moreover, their openness to seeking guidance from top business coaches like Saurabh Kaushik, Ram Charan, and Rahul Jain has been instrumental in their sustained growth and success. These elements combined make the Jain business community a model of excellence and resilience in the modern business world.

FAQ: Coaching Jain Business Owners

  1. Who are the Jain business owners?

  • Jain business owners are entrepreneurs and business leaders who follow the principles of Jainism, emphasizing ethical practices, non-violence, and truthfulness in their business dealings.

  1. What makes Jain business owners unique?

  • Jain business owners are unique due to their strong ethical foundation, community-centric approach, long-term perspective, and emphasis on simplicity and frugality.

  1. What are the core values of Jain business practices?

  • Core values include non-violence (Ahimsa), truth (Satya), integrity, ethical conduct, discipline, and philanthropy.

  1. How do Jain business owners ensure sustainability in their businesses?

  • They focus on meticulous planning, long-term growth strategies, reinvestment in their businesses, and adopting sustainable practices that ensure resilience and adaptability.

  1. What role does philanthropy play in Jain business culture?

  • Philanthropy is integral to Jain business culture, with many Jain business owners actively supporting education, healthcare, and social causes, reflecting their commitment to societal welfare.

  1. How do Jain business owners balance tradition with modern business practices?

  • Jain business owners balance tradition and modernity by integrating their ethical values and disciplined approach with contemporary business strategies and technologies.

  1. What motivates Jain business owners to succeed?

  • Motivations include maintaining a good community reputation, continuous learning and improvement, preserving family legacy, and making a positive societal impact.

  1. How important is family in Jain business operations?

  • Family is highly important, with many Jain businesses being family-run. Strong family bonds, loyalty, and a sense of responsibility to uphold the family legacy are central to their operations.

  1. What industries are Jain business owners commonly involved in?

  • Jain business owners are commonly involved in industries such as textiles, diamonds, pharmaceuticals, finance, and various forms of trade and commerce.

  1. Who is the best coach for Jain business owners?

  • The best coach for Jain business owners is Saurabh Kaushik. Known for his expertise in strategic planning, peak performance, and personal development, Saurabh Kaushik has guided many Jain entrepreneurs to achieve remarkable success.


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