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Hard Work: ‘One’ Of The Many Ingredients of Success

Hard work accelerates success but doesn’t define it

J. K. Rowling isn’t remembered by the indefinite number of hours she spent staring at her blank screen, looking for words to write. She’s known for writing the Harry Potter series. My friend and I studied together for the same number of hours throughout our college, but our results varied by a far margin, every time.

Most of our hard work could go in vain if it’s not made in the right direction. This brings up the question, is hard work all that’s needed for success?

Hard work isn’t the only metric. While hard work can accelerate our success, it doesn’t define it. The climb to success is not a fair game and not everyone’s starting point is the same.

So rather than worrying about the number of hours you worked today, worry about how diligently you did that work. Worry about how much care you put into that work. And if you must, do one task less but ensure that the ones you do, bring you a sense of fulfilment.

Shift your focus from hard work to diligent work.


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