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How Do You Know You’ve Found Your Passion?

What Stays When All Motivation Runs Out

If it’s what you live and breathe for, you’ve found your passion

It’s about finding something you care about more than yourself

When you’re passionate about something, the stakes won’t matter. It’s what you’re willing to spend your failures on without losing faith. When you care about something enough to pursue it when all motivation runs out.

Because if you enjoy it on your own terms, it’s not passion

It’s what you’re willing to do the grunt work for. Because the constant effort of getting better will take patience and hard work, it will become a chore. Over time, your passion will take many forms before it comes naturally to you.

And along the way, you’ll hit many hurdles, where quitting will seem like the obvious option. Will you keep going even if there’s no guarantee of success?

If you will, you’ve found your passion.

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