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How Storytelling Can Supercharge Your Business

A simple strategy often overlooked in business: the art and science of storytelling

Steve Jobs — David Paul Morris | Stringer | Getty Images

In the late 90s with Steve Jobs back at the helm, Apple reached into its past and made a switchback to what had originally made them so successful: aspirational storytelling

But why do the greatest brands use storytelling?

Stories build trust, and trust is a scarce resource

Stories may not appeal to logic but they often appeal to the senses. We all tell ourselves stories, and brands that resonate the most with our worldview get our trust

Ideas can be forgotten, stories are remembered

People look for stories to make sense of the world. In business and in fiction, the best stories win over the best ideas

Stories build aspiration

In a constantly changing market, the only constant is the need to move forward, and stories pave the way to higher ambitions. Storytelling takes your customers through a journey, taking them from where they are to where they want to be

Storytelling beats persuasion

We remember stories better than data and facts, because stories are more engaging. With these stories, our customers connect with us without feeling that they’re being sold to

And most importantly, stories make brands human

In a world of scattered information, stories bind people. People who share a common worldview come together to create tribes. Same goes for businesses — brands that connect with their customers on a personal level and share a similar narrative build better connections

But whatever stories you choose to tell, render them true with your actions

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