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How To Navigate Unpredictability In Business

Business is unpredictable and there is no one formula that works for all. Over a certain period of time, you become better skilled to understand and navigate this unpredictability. But how do you navigate your way through these uncertainties?

Embrace Uncertainty

Be prepared for unexpected outcomes. Anticipate all possible dangers that may come your way, and develop strategies to push through these dangers. This will give you the muscle to takle obstacles head-on in any situation.

Show Up With Your Best Guess

The smartest people don’t pretend to know how things work. They figure it out. And most part of figuring things out is showing up to work with zero idea of what will happen. The only difference is that they see opportunity in challenges. They keep operating out of their best guess.

Adapt Agility

An agile mind can move fast while the rest of the business is focused on the wrong thing. Staying ahead in the changing market requires high level of adaptability.

Quit pretending to know it all; when you truly understand that you don’t know how it all works, you can finally embrace humility.

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