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Is Work Life Balance The Way To Living A Life You Love?

If you’re not in control of your life right now, maybe it’s not the time to rest

The idea of work—life balance puts you on a pedestal of spending 40 years locked up between glass walls, working to pay your bills, and living for the weekend. It is the shortcut to finding yourself living in limbo for perpetuity until you snap out of it and realise you were waiting for retirement to finally start living.

If you’re someone who’s just started out in their career, chances are that you’re already tired. All the long hours, the commute, the meetings over meetings. It’s a sensory overload nobody prepared you for.

It’s easy to conclude that all we want is work—life balance. But what we’re looking for, is a life we love. We’re not unmotivated, we’re just bored of doing unexciting work.

Live An Unbalanced Life Till You Can Find Balance

Give yourself a few years of an unbalanced life. Work double the hours if you need to. Search frantically for things that excite you. Work on your passion project. Upskill yourself. The ultimate form of balance comes from a tradeoff. A few years of an unbalanced life can give you the freedom to have a balanced life for the rest of your life.

Remember That Life Is Happening Right Now

While working on your goals, don’t miss out on the good stuff. Life is happening right now. Take care of yourself, and allow yourself time off every now and then. Spend time with your family, hang out with your friends, and make time for your hobbies.

Live life when it’s happening — right now. Be 100% at the moment, in whatever you do. Don’t half—work anything. And if you think you’re not in control of your life right now, perhaps it’s not time to rest.


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