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Rediscover Your Passion To Build a Fulfilling Career

We’ve always known what we wanted to do, until society beat it out of us. We grow up to think of career as a chore. Before we realise, we’re stuck in a job that we don’t even like but can’t get out of because it’s scary to start afresh. It’s never too late to change the course of our life.

Here’s a three — step process that can help you discover what it is you truly want to do in life and how can you mould it into something that the world will pay you for:

Reconcile With Your Childlike Wonder

Follow Your Curiosity — What are things that excite you? What are things that you always been good at?

Consume Content — Learn as much as you can, and consume as much content as you can about the things you find interesting.

Start Creating — Be bold enough to show your work to the world.

Put Your Work In The Market

As soon as you find your balance, start walking. Do not stand still calculating your next move. If you want to be a writer, start your own blog. Write everyday.

At this point, don’t think about the returns, just keep testing your skill. Write every day, monitor your engagement, and try different platforms. Keep researching and testing.

Find Your Customer And Deliver

Once you know your skill and your battleground well enough, start looking for your customer. Begin with one. Find one person who would be willing to pay you for your skill. Serve them like nobody else. Go above and beyond for that one customer.

This is your real test. If you can solve your customer's problem, and if you can solve it really well, you can build an empire around your passion.

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