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The One Thing You Need In Order To Be Ultra — Productive

The internet is filled with strategies to help you become more productive and optimise every minute of your time. Time blocking, scheduling, day theming; the list can go on

While these strategies work wonders, you may still end up feeling directionless. You may find yourself on the same road that you’d started on, with no motivation left.

The next time you find yourself looking for motivation or ways to optimise your time, press pause and ask yourself if you have this:


Are you obsessed with your craft? Does the work that you do fuel you with passion and inspiration? Are you obsessed with the vision you have for yourself?

If you have an obsession with what you do and where you want to be, it will fuel everything else. Let your obsession consume you and help you produce your greatest works.

Obsession trumps optimisation, motivation or any routine or affirmation. Find your obsession, pursue it, and let it be your motivation. Because when obsession pulls you, you won’t need any external push.

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