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To Be Someone, You’ve To Do Something

To be the Noun, Chase the Verb

Three years ago, I had an epiphany that writing is my calling. It only took me a few minutes to call myself a writer, blogger, and content creator. Unironically, the epiphany had little follow-through.

We give ourselves titles, put in a few months of dopamine-driven effort and think we’ve earned our badges. Truth is, most of us are writers who don’t write, artists who don’t create, and specialists who don’t practice.

We chase the title and forget that to become someone, we’ve to put in the work. We plan, make goals, and set deadlines but rarely follow through. We fall short to show up every day to earn our title.

Do the Verb To Become the Noun

By all means, you should share with the world your dreams. But know that your titles are earned. You’ve to earn your stripes, and only your work can do that.

It’s like giving a catchy title to an article. It’s a great start — but it’s just the beginning.

Only the story that you write will give it meaning. As Austin Kleon put it, “lots of people want to be the noun without doing the verb”. To become the person you want to be, you’ve put in the action.

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