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To Be The Best At Something, Become A Practitioner

If You Can Master Consistency, You Can Master Any Skill

The path to success is not linear, it comes in waves. Often, people quit when they face a dip. It’s the difficult path that leads to mastery.

Consistency and the Dip

The dip is what differentiates the best from others. Anyone who wants to be the best at something in their life will face a dip at more points than one.

The dip — when the thing you were once so passionate about becomes too difficult, and you see yourself getting no reward out of it; it feels like you’re mostly running around in circles. And as it turns out, the greater your dreams, the bigger the rewards, and the greater the dip you’ll face.

A good rule of thumb for doing any difficult task is to keep doing it until it becomes easy. Practice is key; keeping at it is often the most difficult thing to do. If you can overcome the dip, you’ll be able to master the skill and over time, it will come easily to you.

Because effortless action and the state of flow begins once you’ve spent countless hours practicing the skill. The gain lies in the gap. If you can get through the gap of no rewards, no outcomes, and seemingly no progress, you’ll get to the gains. Keep practicing until it comes easily to you.

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