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Why It’s Important To Know Your Target Market

In this hyper-competitive world, it’s essential to position your product right; to find people who seek the promise you deliver

Although game-changing home runs are great, it is often better to start with a hurdle you can leap. Everyone is a lot of people to target, and not everyone seeks the change you promise to deliver

Start with someone. To succeed in the large, you have to succeed in the small

Every purchase is a bargain

Your product has to be worth more than the money your customers spend, because the people you choose to serve care about a range of emotions apart from money

Make it personal

The voices speaking to us in the second person on behalf of faceless corporations have little chance to strike a connection with us. But when one person cares enough to take responsibility and say, “Here, I made this.” then the door opens for connection

Everyone is right, every time

Everyone is right based on their beliefs, even if they didn’t choose you. Not everyone seeks the change you offer. Have the empathy to say no to opportunities that don’t serve your purpose and allow yourself the freedom to do work that matters for the customers you’ve chosen to serve

If you could choose from a thousand people to serve, what kind of people would you choose?

What would they be like? How would you pick them out of the crowd?

Use psychographics to understand your target audience. Not just what they look like or where they live, but what they dream of and the stories they tell themselves

Once you know who your customer is, be the perfect answer to their problems, exceed their expectations and desires. Make real change happen and watch them spread the word for you

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